MicrojobsSaving money is really important but if no money is coming in then there is nothing to be saved. Most of us are looking for extra money and now that summer is upon us, wouldn’t it be nice to get some more cash for that summer vacation? I plan on visiting San Francisco next month so I have visiting some of my favorite sites so that my family and I can have more spending money. After all, how fun is a trip going to be if you are stressing out about the bank? You want to come home from a vacation feeling refreshed, not terrified to check your credit card statements- a I right?

So how can you make some quick extra cash online? Microjobs.

“What are Microjobs?” Really, it is what it sounds like. Microjobs demand a small amount of your time for a little bit of extra cash. Don’t expect to make $1,000 on a single microjob but $5-$10? You bet you can! The great thing about microjobs is that they are normally very simple to complete and you can do it on your time.

Here are a couple of my favorite (and LEGITIMATE) microjobs websites:

UserTesting.com – I have been reviewing websites with UserTesting.com for three years now and have made hundreds doing so. As a tester, you record a video of what is happening on your computer screen and follow simple tasks while speaking out-loud. A short survey usually follows the video. All in all, it is about 15-20 minutes of work for $10. You get paid directly to your PayPal 7 days after the video has been made.

Fiverr.com – Do you have a special skill that you feel strongly about and getting paid $5 to do it is fair? Then this website is for you! Your skill could be as ‘kooky’ as doing a video as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator to web design. It is one of my favorites for sure.

NetTradr.com - Very similar to Fiverr.com except you can charge up to $100 for your special skill.

MicroWorkers.com - Most of the jobs on this site are low paying (maybe cents on the dollar) however, you are open to apply to any of them as they are small tasks. You must make at least $9 to cash out.

Amazon.com’s Mechanical Turk – Commonly known as MTurk, this is a big kahuna. If you are worried about scams, you really do not with this one as it is powered by one of the largest online companies in the world: Amazon. The jobs (‘hits’ as it is known on the website) on this site are very similar to MicroWorkers as many pay cents on the dollar but are simple to complete.

The web is filled with countless sites that are preying on people who are interested in making money online but I can promise you that the five I have listed are not it. The great thing is that there are a lot of sites just like these that will give you the opportunity to make a couple of extra bucks. If you have any questions, just post in the comments section and I will gladly answer them to the best of my ability.

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